Testing Your English or French Proficiency for Immigrating to Canada

Aug 17, 2022

When deciding to immigrate to Canada, one of the most challenging transitions can be adjusting to speaking a new language. Whether for work or study, for a certain time or permanently, successfully communicating is a must. With both English and French being Canada’s official languages, knowing either language will facilitate your immigration process. This article will dive into the importance of fluency and tell you how you can test your proficiency online for free!



Benefits of Knowing Another Language


In an increasingly globalized world with more people looking to continue their education or work outside their country, knowing a second or third language can increase your chance of success. It will help expand your search range, allowing you to look beyond the normal scope of opportunities available, making you a more qualified applicant. Being adequately prepared to enter a new community is essential. Across many fields, being equipped with another language aids in cultivating valuable work communication.

Learning the terminology for your specific field is also quite an advantage. For example, if you are a carpenter, researching and learning technical terms regularly used within the industry might be beneficial. This approach to mastering your vocabulary can elevate your comprehension skills and potentially aid in reaching new career goals. Communication is key, especially in the workforce. Being bilingual grants you access to books, online platforms, official regulations, or any other source of information related to the job where most, if not all, of the material is presented in English or French.

Another advantage lies in how you can directly interact and relate to coworkers, employers, and the people you will meet once in Canada. It fosters independence and gives you a unique opportunity to discover the intricacies of other cultures. Outside of work and leisure, it is indispensable to understand paperwork for banking, housing, healthcare, and home services such as electricity, internet, and water. It’s also important to keep in mind that there may be words with different meanings within colloquial speak that have been adapted to the uses and customs of each territory. Once you have an adequate command of English, French, or both, your professional profile will stand out, and you will be able to set your goals for success in today’s job market.


Test Your Level of English or French – for Free!


To start your process, we recommend taking a self-assessment test to determine your current language level and identify the next steps in your immigration journey. The Government of Canada offers a free language assessment test that provides results similar to official language exams. The test is CLB-OSA Online Self-Assessment.

This free online test evaluates your proficiency against the Canadian Language Benchmark. However, for immigration, you will need an approved certification from one of two institutions authorized by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada. The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or the CELPIP (Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program).

After receiving your test results, you can contact advisors at P & M Analysis and Solutions Services so we can work together to determine the best steps for your immigration case.

If your test results are unsatisfactory, we recommend looking into courses or workshops that can help you advance in the language of your choice. Recognizing your strengths and refining your comprehension skills will allow you to continue your plans for relocating to Canada.

Our offices look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with your journey to Canada. We also recommend staying updated with our website and current Canadian news.

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