Temporary immigration in Canada


A. Planning to come to visit Canada as a tourist? We’ll help you to fill a thorough application up and get all the documentation ready.

B. Experienced professionals in Super-Visa applications for Parents and Grandparents, with special option to help you to get a Private Medical Insurance payable in a monthly basis.

C. Extensions to stay in Canada or changes in your conditions: If you’ve decided to stay longer in Canada or if any questions arise in how to change your status to become a student, worker or resident of Canada, we are here to give you a professional advice to help you to make the decision.

Temporary Foreign Workers

A. Special opportunities through international agreements between Canada and various countries like US, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Panama and Chile, to allow Canadian employers to hire workers from this countries in a temporary basis.

B. Employers bringing workers because of shortages in labor in Canada supported in Labor Market Impact Assessment – LMIA. At P&M we’ll offer advice for the employers and the workers to meet all government requirements in the process.

C. Seasonal workers to Canada for agriculture programs will receive orientation in any questions related to this program.


Offering advice for your projects to continue studies in Canada – We have contract with more than 900 education institutions in Canada

A. Studying English as a Second Language (ESL)
B. Programs for Middle and High School
C. Graduate and Post-Graduate Programs

An Immigration to Canada assessment is needed when considering to study in the country. Options for Post-Graduate Work Permit to gain experience in Canada are available, and why not? the option to immigrate as a Permanent Resident in the future.


Register to start surfing for your options to study in Canada. The educational institutions will pay a percentage of your consultant’s fees to apply for your Study Permit.

We provide personalized advice to students and people interested in working in Canada

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